Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Cari!

Cari's birthday was July 5th and I got Ethan to record her a happy birthday video. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my internet to work well enough to upload the video to my blog. So, I just now got around to blogging it (using my parents' computer). Sorry, Cari...better late than never! We love you!

Ethan's Amazing Taekwondo Skills

Ethan just started taking Taekwondo and really loves it. It's a 4 and 5 yr old class with just a couple kids, so he gets plenty of 1 on 1 time with the instructor. They were going to learn to break boards in their last class, which sounded a bit...advanced... so I was happy when they decided to switch it to paper instead. :) When Ethan heard about breaking boards and paper he said this in a high-pitched kind of voice "I'm so excited to break things!" lol, and of course, he was pretty good at it.

Meet Slim Jim!

After having gone through several not-so-cuddy pets (parakeets, rabbits, and a cat), we're proud to announce that Ethan just got his first puppy on Thursday! He was so excited and yelled "This is the best day EVER!" in the car when we were driving off with our new pup. His name is Jim (Kelly nicknamed him Slim Jim) and he is an 8 week old Chiweenie. He could also be called a Doxihuahua (Chihuahua and Dachshund mix). I've been wanting a dog for awhile now, and was probably more excited than Ethan. :) I was worried that I would pick the wrong kind of dog and he wouldn't meet my expectations. I wanted one to be small enough for our small house, and be very sweet, and want to lay in my lap for hours, and be very good with kids. Turns out.....I win! We found the perfect dog for us and I'm so excited. He's just so stinkin' cute.

Friday, July 20, 2012

So Stylish!

Ethan and Jonathan went swimming today, and of course, Ethan didn't want to put on clothes he got dressed in this blanket. What a trend-setter!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ethan + A Lego Microphone =

I love this video...I can't stop laughing! (sorry I'm not a very good videographer. just tilt your head to the side. it's totally worth it.)

Our Visit to Maryland

We visited my sister, Cari, and her husband Brandon, in Maryland last year, and we had a great time. We're so glad they let us visit and spend time with them. Here are a few pics of our trip...

Brandon and Ethan getting very close to a T-Rex at the Natural History Museum
Jonathan and Ethan on a real subway for the 1st time!
(of course Ethan pushed the red emergency button at some point, but nothing happened. doesn't make you feel very safe does it?)
Brandon and Ethan, towering over the dinosaurs
Ethan loved seeing all the animals, even though they were stuffed. :)
Ethan was Jack Sparrow for Halloween.
Cari did his make up...he looks like a different person!

I don't know what we were. Jonathan put a ton of bloody looking tattoos on his face, and he put a bite mark tattoo on my neck. It was surprisingly realistic! 
Ethan as a very convincing young Jack Sparrow

Ethan threw a Halloween party at Cari's house. This is his new friend Liam. They were so cute together.
Ethan with his goody bag

Ethan and Cari (looking crazy!)

Cari is an awesome photographer and was kind enough to take some professional pictures of us. They turned out great! Thanks again Sis!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Sea World Adventure!

We got to take Ethan to Sea World in San Antonio this past Friday. We had so much fun and couldn't wait to share our pictures with everyone!

Ethan and his daddy

Me and Ethan

Ethan and his map

We got to feed and pet the dolphins!

Ethan and Jonathan

Ethan at the aquarium

We got to see sharks too!

Jonathan and Ethan at the "Bay of Play"

Ethan had so much fun getting wet!

We also got to see a live Sesame Street Show!

Me, Ethan, and the crocodiles (or alligators...whatever!)

This pic looks funny because it was so dark in there, but the penguins like it that way :)

Ethan and the flamingos

We got to see a lot of cool shows. This one had a HUGE walrus, a seal, and an otter.

This show had high-divers and a beluga whale!

Here's Ethan waiting for "Shampoo" to come out. (lol, we'll correct Ethan later).

We finally got a pic with all three of us. Thanks, dude sitting on the bench!